We believe that when we turn and trust Jesus as the saving King, we receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit then transforms us into the image of Jesus for God’s glory. One of the ways the Spirit changes us is through spiritual practices. We have identified seven key spiritual practices: (1) attend a worship service, (2) share in a community group, (3) participate in a serving team, and develop a rule of life incorporating (4) prayer, (5) rest, (6) work, and (7) relationships.

In order to equip people to develop a rule of life, we have launched something called Core Group Courses. These are courses that center around the four practices of prayer, rest, work, and relationships. This is how it works:

  • There will be two courses offered per year, one in the Fall and one in the Winter.
  • Each course is structured to be class-guided for ~7 weeks and self-guided for ~7 weeks.
  • In order to best practice the courses, we suggest inviting 3-5 other people to do it with you. This forms what we call the “core group.” There will be times during the class-guided portion that you will break-off into your core group; and when it is time for the self-guided 7 weeks, you will do that with your core group.

This Winter, the focused practice is on work. All core groups will meet together on Sunday nights, 5:00-6:30pm, beginning February 18.

Use this form to sign up for the core group course. Please list who you have invited to be in your core group (and encourage them to fill out the form as well).